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Other companies will want to vet your firm before making a decision. A website design company can help you stand out online, but choosing the right provider can be difficult. Each approach requires different considerations when designing a website, so it’s important that you understand how your potential clients think about growth before starting work on your project.

The color of visited links is one of those small details that goes a long way to easily communicate important information. One of the most underestimated design details, knowing that they’ve already seen a page can help a user avoid that annoying “déjà vu” effect. It is now a well-known fact that too long of a page-load time can be a demotivator for a user. However, even if your website still isn’t quite at the point of rocket speed, it shouldn’t mean that you have to lose visitors. For those who don’t have a lot of experience in design or art theory, here’s a brief intro into what a “golden ratio” means. Without going too deep into the math behind it, scientists at one point calculated the parameters of an aesthetically perfect rectangle – its length has to equal 1.6 times its width.

Others have come before you and done most of the heavy lifting so why not just start from there. I think most people get hung up about this because they want to be unique, original, and clever. But save your cleverness for the ‘how’ of writing content, which is how you phase the actual text within a content framework. And stick with the tried and true for the ‘what’ which is using a content framework, to begin with. With that being said, here are some of the most popular site content frameworks to use. Instead of going through the content linearly first writing the copy for the home page, the about page, services, etc.., approach it using chunks.

If you want to come across as prestigious and refined, you’ll use a different font and language style than if you want to sound casual and down-to-earth. Then display that organization clearly in a navigation bar at the top of the page. Also, use consistent colors across the site — don’t use one color scheme on one page and then a totally different one on another. As a result, users will get a site that looks appealing and functions smoothly no matter what device they’re using. One of the first and most important things for you to do when you design your website is to determine your audience.

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You can also benefit immensely from including multimedia content like images andvideos. When users visit your website, they should have an easy time finding their way around. If they look for a specific page and get lost, they’ll grow frustrated and leave. To keep that from happening, be sure to create anintuitive navigation setup. Did you know thatover 50% of all Internet trafficcomes from mobile devices? On top of that, Google usesmobile-first indexing, meaning it ranks sites based primarily on their mobile format.

Since 1997, the WebAwards are recognized as the premier industry based Website Award program in the world. These buttons tell visitors how to proceed if they’re ready to move forward. When you craft CTA buttons for your site, the first thing you want to do is make sure your buttons stand out. Adamo is one of the best B2B websites to establish a style guide and consistently using it throughout their site. They have a blue, gray, and white style that greets you as soon as you enter their website. Just tell us about your project, what are your goals, and let’s start.

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For that reason, they are riding their wave of popularity at the moment. Each of these subpages features much more copy than the homepage does, but they include enough multimedia elements that remain client engagement to scroll through. Asana’s websiteThese are simple features, but they rely on motion, so animation is more appropriate than a series of screenshots. In short, Asana articulates a key pain point that businesses and organizations face, and their website quickly explains why they are a solution. Besides, it’s essential for your B2B website to be viewable across different devices because you never know what type of device prospects will use to access your site.

To help your website reach this level of precision, elegance, ease of use, and direct communication, website design services can get you on the right track. Lorenzo Gutierrez is a Digital Marketing Consultant and a certified Google Partner. He helps small businesses and corporations grow their revenue online.

Below are 10 of the that do a great job in delivering strong content, useful design ideas, conversion tactics, and more. Your B2B website should accurately reflect your company culture in a way that compels visitors to want to stay and have a look around or return again soon. It’s all part of the brand experience, and when done right, you’ll see an increase in your bottom line. B2B eCommerce is an amazing way to attract new customers and profit your business. Before building a website, you must defend your aims and examine your resources! Following that, you will visualize and clarify how your website will appear and which functionalities are important.

Your website should take an anonymous visitor and support their decision-making process so well they convert – either to obtain more information or to complete their purchase. Has a website with a modern design that engages prospects in real time. Not only does its homepage have a clear, definitive call to action, but CTAs are strategically placed in a number of crucial areas. Now you have plenty of material to inspire your new website design.

But when you scroll back up, you may be ready to perform another action and having the top bar come into view makes this easy and reduces frustration. In short, the DropBox website works for people with varying levels of readiness and it creates no friction throughout. If you still have more questions, DropBox show their integrations and customer success stories with an “explore plans” call to action at the very bottom of all this. If just using DropBox isn’t enough for you, then they also offer a range of integrations. You can integrate your website with software ranging from Slack to Asana . Whilst the home page for DropBox is quite blocky, it works quite well as it’s split into two sides – personal and business.

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A huge product range was shown rationally with restricted navigation and a user-friendly site search. The well-thought-out design allows for product searches by color, content, and style and pack sizes, types, and opaques, among other things. The components are intuitively linked together; for example, the simplicity of navigation, easy access to categories, and the product list.

Their landing page consists of different sections you can scroll through within a “page.” As a result, B2B web design needs to include as much information as possible. Content needs to be informative, educational, address specific pain points, and offer solid solutions. If a website is too difficult to navigate or clumsy in its design, then its bounce rate metrics are going to be through the roof.

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Individuals and group photos are weaved seamlessly into the site’s design. A better approach to improving the usability of your B2B website is through a customized conversion optimization program. Don’t don’t find yourself guessing what website changes may or may not impact your conversion rate. Make data-backed decisions regarding how you’ll change your site to meet customer expectations. Following web design trends and best practices will only get you so far.

best b2b website design

Because of this, if you know what you are looking for, ZenDesk makes it very easy for you to find the necessary service. Just like with HubSpot, ZenDesk has small login links in the top bar for existing customers. All of the information is concise and relevant, and only tells customers what they need to know. It’s very transparent, and easily displayed for the end user to understand. After this there’s a live chat option which is such a convenient way for customers to get in touch, without having to wait on the phone.

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The B2B website design approach will get you a professional page that you can modify and manage yourself after your B2B Web development agency prepares it. A website designer focuses on the design needed to prioritize website traffic and gain a conversion into a qualified lead. The use of user research helps companies pinpoint what their customers want and need. A website can look great but fail at converting website visitors into genuine marketing qualified leads. A professional B2B web design agency will plan your growth driven design objectives to implement into the redesign. The designer must consider the company’s value proposition coupled with the user experience while focusing on the marketer’s perspective.

A lot of B2B businesses have existing websites with a large amount of content, in terms of white papers, past blog posts, and press releases. Redesigning a large content site can be a challenge as someone will need to review all of the existing content and decide what stays and what is removed on the new site. Further down the page, testimonials from top HOA and timeshare industry providers along with a rotating logo panel of the top companies utilizing the PRA system. All of these elements visually build credibility for the software and guide visitors to request a free trial.

Instead of featuring dramatic images and loads of written content, Dropbox in a few easy steps describes their service with a few call-to-action buttons to get visitors to sign up. B2B or business to business is a marketing strategy intended to appeal to businesses large or small. The emphasis of the best B2B websites is different than B2C websites. Since you are focusing on business owners, you will need to address their needs and provide solutions for the running of their business. This marketing agency’s website will definitely stand out if you’re searching for agencies to help you with your marketing strategies.

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UXPERT is a digital agency that focuses on designing beautiful user experiences. Given the type of service this agency offers, it’s not a surprise that this website boasts an innovative user interface, with an unparalleled user experience. Hootsuite has perfectly structured their website keeping its target audiences in mind. Because marketers use this tool for social media management and the first thing they would ideally focus on is the pricing. HubSpot is the pioneer in B2B space and provides numerous sales, marketing, and customer service solutions to boost your business. Having so many features to explain, HubSpot uses a non-clutter design approach for its website.

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In addition to the blog, Teledirect has individual industry pages for their 4 major customer segments. All of these elements visually educate web visitors on the key differentiators of the health management platform and guide visitors to request a demo. A video blog can simply be your team talking about a topic or sharing a resource.

Marketing communication tools include advertising, personal selling, direct marketing, sponsorship, communication, public relations, social media, customer journey and promotion. We are an Australian start up that has an official launch in 8 weeks time. We do have a FB page now but it hasnt been touched for 2 years, so requires full update.

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While design is a critical component of your website, your site’s information is just as necessary. Decision-makers will keep coming back to your site to find more information and learn about your company. If your navigation isn’t organized, these decision-makers won’t want to come back and learn more.

The home page is where your value proposition should be made clear, along with a compelling hero image and a place to feature exciting products if relevant. B2B web design often includes an ecommerce platform to facilitate purchasing transactions between businesses and customers. This might be from one business to another, or it might include manufacturers, retailers or distributors. Marketplace aggregators selling products, services, or information to other businesses are also relevant here as portals which form part of a modern ecommerce platform. In this article, we’ll focus on and explore best practices in B2B website design and development, as well as share some impactful design examples.

best b2b website design

This is a great framework to use on an individual service or product page. This is a classic sales formula, originally popularized by Dan Kennedy. Having an easy-to-use CMS that’s simple for anyone to use means you can be more efficient and save time. We’re so confident in our web design process that our team of web designers will custom design a mockup of your new website before you sign or pay for anything.

They organized them under three categories which contain the sub-services within each. This approach allows users to easily see exactly what iVision can do while giving them the option to further explore the services on separate pages. Their content is written to make it apparent that the services are not one sided. Medallia intends to work with its customer as if the two are on a team (as all client-customer relationships should be). I challenge you to take the approach that Medallia did with there services page.

Human resource consulting company with a powerful website that can be utilized by both employers and potential candidates. The modern design and great structure make this website stand out from the competition for its ease of use. WeWork is an epitome of creativity that persuades their customers so well that they can’t help but click the CTA. Their b2b website design incorporates pleasing displays that talk about their workspaces. With a highly specific, to-the-point, and sleek b2b website design, Bentobox conveys the message of delivering value with less speech and more action. Blueleaf is the best example of a b2b website design that incorporates and fosters storytelling approach in the fast-paced world.

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Dropbox created different pages for their individual and business users to provide them with a simple design created specifically for them. Dropbox didn’t add any captivating images or videos but they described their functionality in a simple way and added a few call-to-action buttons where necessary. They even used different shades of blue, their brand color, to make their design more interesting. Their messages are clear and straight to the point to demonstrate to their users how simple it is to use Dropbox. NetBase Quid, formerly Quid, is a next-generation consumer and market intelligence platform.

This sounds obvious, but many websites are really vague, especially service-based B2B companies. One of my favorite things to do is study the most successful websites on the web and see what they are doing. This helps me understand which elements are successful and timeless as well as evaluate overall web design trends such as functional minimalism and user-friendly on all mobile devices. When you move beyond CMS platforms and start the redesign process using HubSpot, you’ll instantly gain access to a wide assortment of integrated analysis tools. Track the movement of visitors to our website throughout their journey to the bottom of the sales funnel. Working with a professional website development or design company helps you monitor your site and marketing methods constantly and optimize when needed.

– The brand management company dstillery takes advantage of the above-the-fold section of its website by creating an interactive image that tells visitors exactly what they do. ” frames the experience a visitor is going to have, letting them know immediately if they are in the right spot. Intriguing and engaging, this simple feature also puts dstillery in the driver’s seat by telling business owners that they are the ones who can solve these questions. While simple, the homepage delivers huge impact by making it easy for business owners to see who some of their prominent clients are , giving Dstillery credibility straight out of the gate. When launching a brand new website, some marketing professionals and business owners can mistakenly expect the site to rank at the top of search engines and the leads to flood in after the launch date. The website will be the hub of communication and marketing, but you’ll need to continue to build up “spokes” or marketing channels that feed traffic into the site.

  • This website would be a good example telling you how to design a B2B website with a large amount of content.
  • Whereas a SaaS business might opt for homepage, features, pricing, and a demo or trial offer.
  • The blog page doesn’t need to be referred to as a “blog.” It can be Resources or News, but you can use the post technology to organize posts into categories and chronological order.
  • For both of these websites are the same – precise, to-the-point minimalism.

The downside is that industry segmentation makes persona segmentation more difficult and time-consuming, as you may need to identify customer personas within each target industry. This can snowball into an unmanageable task if you are not careful. More often than not, we find that there are much better ways to achieve those goals without impacting your site speed or the user experience. Finally, specify the goals you hope to achieve with your new website. If you are looking to attract new users and inform them about your offering, you may want your website to offer useful, free resources such as downloadable reference documents and blog articles.

best b2b website design

In November 2016, Shopify partnered with Paystack which allowed Nigerian online retailers to accept payments from customers around the world. On November 22, 2016, Shopify launched Frenzy, a mobile app that improves flash sales. On December 5, 2016, Shopify acquired Toronto-based mobile product development studio Tiny Hearts. The Tiny Hearts building has been turned into a Shopify research and development office. Identical to companies engagements in in the true world, a customer desires to find out about you as a lot as you need to find out about them.

A button that says, “Download your free guide,” on the other hand, is descriptive and tells users what to expect. Your buttons should match your color scheme while still standing out on the page. By establishing your style guide, you can build a consistent image of your brand throughout your site. People say to “never judge a book by its cover,” but people will most certainly judge your website by its design. If you don’t have a clean, modern, and practical design, your audience will bounce from your site and visit a competitor’s instead. Your website’s design sets the first impression, so you want to make it a good one.

Tasteful illustrations show what the actual platform looks like on mobile phones and desktops. A clean and simple design keeps the focus on the most important pieces of content. Meanwhile, the color palette frames the information intentionally without being intrusive or boring. Beyond that, the website maintains a clean and professional feel, thanks in large part to a simple color scheme of black and white with a touch of royal blue. Keeping things simple, the only navigation is in the website’s footer design, with all other homepage links leading directly to conversion opportunities. Traditional B2B marketers may not think of targeting businesses as bold, but that’s exactly what this website does.